Identify where your budget is leaking money in the form of
outdated or duplicate software licenses and recover that
back into your budget - often millions of dollars - all
without ever touching your software spend.

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Optimize Your Budget With
Pragmatic ITAM

IT Directors and ITAM Team Leads: The flaws in your ITAM and SAM implementations are costing you time, money, and, potentially, the reputation of your organization.


It doesn’t have to be this way. 


Based on 20 years of research and testing, my Pragmatic ITAM method allows you to use the tools you already have to:

All within one budget cycle.


If you’re tired of missed forecasts, unexpected software audit penalties, and untrustworthy CMDB and Asset MDR reports – the Pragmatic ITAM method is the right solution for you.

Major medical provider discovered and rectified a wayward
MS BizTalk Server installation within their Epic EMR
farm and avoided a $5M audit penalty. After implementing
Jeremy Boerger’s Pragmatic ITAM Method.


Shield Your Data From Cyberattacks​

It was a long-abandoned VPN account that allowed hackers to
access Colonial Pipeline’s critical internal system in 2021. Why?
Because IT security couldn’t protect what it didn’t know was there.


Is your organization at risk, too?


The Pragmatic ITAM method demands IT security operations and

ITAM teams work hand-in-glove to coordinate all discovery

information. You are shielded from unwanted security intrusions that

can bring down your department… or the entire company.


With the rise in remote work, each day that goes by your data is more at risk. I can help your organization from being the next Colonial Pipeline. Or Hollywood Hospital.

“Jeremy’s mastery of IT, ITAM, and software audit defense is recognized throughout the
industry… He shows up no matter how small or large the concern, is genuinely inclusive of
others and inquisitive of their opinions, and he consistently delivers positive results.”

– Matthew Curtiss, Software Asset Management Lead
(FNMS, ServiceNow, PCMLM, CSAM)

“Adherence to Jeremy’s Pragmatic ITAM method provided my
organization with an inarguable defense that resulted not only in no
increase at the second annual milestone of a 3-year Enterprise Agreement
with Microsoft, but actually resulted in a credit. Because he uncovered an
error in how their service was attempting to record license use.”​

– COO, Major Hospital Group


Consultants Want to Sell You Something - I Want To Train Your Team

Most ITAM consultants come in, sell you their software, then
disappear. And your team is left to figure it out on themselves.
Sometimes, they do. More often, they never do.


My process is radically different. I strategize, design, and
implement the right solution for you using the tools you
already have. But I’m not done there.


I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your existing team and coach
them throughout the process. They learn best practices and
tricks of the trade. They are thoroughly equipped to make
permanent the positive impact after I leave.


So you slash your ITAM spend without cutting staff.


If you’re tired of ugly data, security risks, program failures, and
disgruntled employees, maybe we should talk.

Jeremy Boerger
The ITAM Coach

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My New Book:
Rethinking Technology
Asset Management​

In this book, I review my Pragmatic ITAM method, which companies use to slash their ITAM spend by setting baselines for proper measures of success and ensuring both business leadership and the ITAM team are speaking the same language.

If you are a business leader or an IT executive who is tired of the excuse: “This is just the way ITAM is,” then this book is for you.

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