Deficient Cybersecurity Asset Management Poses Critical Risks For Your Company

Every IT asset has the potential to become a security
risk and disrupt your organization’s ability to
function. But how can you address security
vulnerabilities if you don’t know they exist?


Cybersecurity Asset Management using my
Pragmatic ITAM Method finds and identifies gaps in
your automated resource discovery and threat
identification tools. This gets them reporting properly.
And trains your team how to better address the


So you can stop wondering which asset will cause
the next cybersecurity breach.


You’ve Tried Other Things Before

Your company has invested a lot of money in
cybersecurity asset management tools. But you still
question what you have and whether the tools are
reporting properly. You could bring in consultants – but
they just want to sell you more tools.


It’s time to stop spending good money after bad.


One short-term engagement with me will save you time
and money by using the team and tools you already
have – to accomplish your long-term Cybersecurity
Asset Management goals.


And slash your ITAM spend fast. Want to know how?

The Pragmatic ITAM coaching method saves you money, time & reduces or

eliminates the potential for cyber-attacks, costly software license audits, and lay-offs.


Schedule a call with me and find out if you could be managing your assets more efficiently with the tools you already have. There is no pressure or obligation.
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According to information security veteran Adrian Sanabria, “most security and IT problems begin with visibility.”

It’s true. In the practice of cyber security asset management, what you don’t know is there is what will hurt you most. In other words, for cybersecurity practices to protect your data, avoid crippling software audit penalties, and stop bad actors in their tracks, you must maintain a detailed and reliable inventory of each asset you own.

Without best practices in IT asset management, you are more vulnerable to attacks. Those attacks can have dramatic repercussions: stolen sensitive data, operations shut-down, and diminished reputation of the company or organization and its IT executives.

Most failures are caused by something the IT asset management team didn’t know even existed. That’s because keeping on top of IT asset management is either being done manually with spreadsheets or being automated by a tool that hasn’t been set up correctly and/or the team was never trained on how to use it.

To make matters worse, modern corporate computing environments are constantly changing. All the hardware and software installations, moves, and disposals going on behind the scenes often go undetected.

The Good And Bad News About Cybersecurity Asset Management

Most IT asset management departments in large companies and organizations are finally addressing inventory as a critical element in cyber security asset management. Your company may have invested in software asset management automation tools that promise to report vulnerabilities and failures accurately. But you can still face ugly data, security risks and program failures, and disgruntled employees.

What’s more, money is tight. Call in a consultant, and you may end up buying more software you haven’t been budgeted for.

The Solution – The Pragmatic ITAM Method


It was during the months and years leading up to Y2K that I began my quest to help cyber security asset management teams to do a better job of overseeing their inventory. And do it without having to buy more software.

Pragmatic ITAM directs IT and ITAM teams to work together to provide the clearest picture possible on external threat vectors and internal changes. It addresses the gaps in both team’s understanding and puts them on the same page.

That’s why the IT directors and ITAM leads that have implemented the Pragmatic ITAM practice are sleeping well at night.

Interested in finding if Pragmatic ITAM could help you resolve your cyber security asset management issues – permanently?


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