Are Software License Audits
Keeping You Up At Night?

Getting an audit letter can bring your IT department. Meetings. Reports. Deliverables and negotiations make it feel like your organization is presumed guilty.


It’s up to you to prove your innocence.


It doesn’t have to be this way. My Pragmatic ITAM method is proven to provide inarguable software license audit defense strategies. At the same time it levels up your team. Without buying more software.


Avoid the worst case scenarios that are keeping you up at night.

“Jeremy Boerger uncovered an error in how MS was attempting to record 
license use. Adherence to his Pragmatic ITAM method provided my organization 
with an inarguable defense. The result was no increase at the second 
annual milestone of a three-year Enterprise Agreement and a credit.”

– COO, Major Hospital Group


Software License Audit Defense
Strategy with Pragmatic ITAM

Unexpected software audit penalties are the #1 reason IT/ITAM budgets get gutted. They put pressure on your department to cut costs.
And force you to let go employees when you need them most.


I developed the Pragmatic ITAM method during my 20 years of implementing software license audit defense strategies for major manufacturers, healthcare providers, banks, and service organizations. It trains your existing team how to solve program failures before auditors spot them. Without buying more software.


Pragmatic ITAM saves time, money, and sometimes, the reputation of your organization.


Ready to take control of your IT Asset Management – instead of letting it continue to control you? Let’s talk.

“I help reduce the overall operational cost of your IT/ITAM department 
by coaching your existing team in how to properly manage, measure &  
track your hardware & software assets – using the tools you already have.”

– Jeremy Boerger


I’m The ITAM Coach​

Most ITAM consultants promise software license
audit defense strategy that will protect you from massive penalties.
Penalties that can bring down your entire department.


They sell you a tool that doesn’t protect you at all.


ITAM coaching is radically different. I implement the right solution

for you using the tools you already have. But unlike consultants,

I coach your existing team members throughout the process. They learn best practices, tricks of the trade, and how to make the positive changes permanent.


When I leave, your team is thoroughly equipped to take over.


Intrigued? Schedule a call with me. There’s no pressure or obligation.
(You may not need even need me!)

Jeremy Boerger, The ITAM Coach
​ Creator of the Pragmatic ITAM Method​



Schedule a call with me and find out if you could be managing your assets more efficiently with the tools you already have. There is no pressure or obligation.
(You may not even need me!)

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About Software License Audit Defense Strategy

Getting an audit letter from a software publisher can bring a productive IT department to a screeching halt. Between meetings, reports, deliverables, and negotiations, it feels like your company is assumed to be guilty and it’s up to you to prove your innocence. But a strong software license audit defense strategy can alleviate your pain and suffering, avoid the worst-case scenarios, and maybe even put yourself in control of the proceedings.

The obvious first step to a strong software license audit defense strategy is to get an ITAM program together. It takes time to get a good team hired, trained, and productive, so don’t wait.

Audits are increasing in frequency and there are is a shortage of knowledgeable staff who can do ITAM and SAM work. To have an effective software license audit defense strategy, get your configuration management database (CMDB) and/or a managed data repository (MDR) for your assets up and running. And as soon as both the team and the tool are ready, start self-auditing your environment for potential ‘gotchas’ and ‘green M&Ms’ and address them immediately. Because, without a software license audit defense strategy the software auditor could find them first. And it will be costly.

Avoid Penalties With A Software License Audit Defense Strategy

Often forgotten is how important the right business processes and policies are to avoid license agreement non-compliance. Is ITAM notified of new technologies being introduced? How quickly are purchased assets entered into the CMDB? Are installs, moves, and change activities properly recorded? How is asset disposal handled, and what is done about the software licenses previously assigned?

All of these questions need answers, and it is up to you as a business leader to provide them in clear and concise corporate policies, standards, and process documents.  As the old saying goes, no one plans to fail…

For A Strong Software License Audit Defense Strategy To Be In Place…

One last suggestion: For a strong software license audit defense strategy to be in place you’re going to need outside help. An ITAM coach (may I suggest yours truly?) can help speed up the time it takes to get your ITAM program on its feet and make progress. An ITAM coach can also impart best-practice knowledge and experience to your existing team members, making them more valuable corporate resources after the coach’s work is done.

Finally, an ITAM coach can provide much-needed suggestions and advice during the audit. Giving you a software license audit defense strategy you can depend on to help avoid costly mistakes.

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