Maximize the ROI of Your
Hardware & Software Investments

It’s critical that you optimize the overall costs and
expenditures made towards investments in hardware
and software. But just procuring your assets at the
lowest possible price is not enough. You need to
measure the monetary return on IT equipment, as well. ​

But Shadow IT, undocumented hardware/software
changes, unexpected audits/penalties, and human error
make it seem impossible. ​

The Pragmatic ITAM Method brings Shadow IT to light
and compares that to the legitimate use-cases of your
other hardware and software.​

So you can tell the difference between purchases your
organization doesn’t need from the tooling and software
your employees must have.​


Better Manage Your IT Budget &
Stop Cost Overruns In Their Tracks

Your IT or ITAM department is under pressure to better
manage your IT assets these days .


The Pragmatic ITAM Method helps manufacturers, large
healthcare providers, banks, and service organizations
get to a measurable level of maturity. And implement
the organization’s business goals.


So you can rein-in your out-of-control IT budget
and permanently stop cost overruns.


Sound interesting? Schedule a call let’s find out if your
department’s IT asset management could be improved.

One short-term engagement with me helps you recover up to
10% of your department’s budget without re-platforming
your organization’s existing ITAM or SAM tools.


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IT asset management, known as ITAM, is a discipline prescribed by several best practices: ISO/IEC, ITIL, IT4IT, and the like. In simple terms, ITAM is focused on IT cost optimization around the overall costs and expenditures made towards the hardware and software investments necessary to implement your company’s or organization’s business goals.


There are two ways you can achieve IT cost optimization for your company or organization. They are:


  1. Minimize your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  2. Maximize your return on investment (ROI)


IT Cost Optimization – Minimizing Your TCO Is Easy


First, about minimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO). To minimize your TCO, it is easy enough. All you have to do is procure your hardware and software assets at the lowest price possible over the useful life of each one of your assets.


But, here’s the twist – you have to remember that there is a time factor involved here. You have to consider how long you can extend the useful life of that asset – because that’s where you can realize future savings or anticipate unexpected future costs.


But, Maximizing Your ROI Is Tricky…


Maximizing ROI, on the other hand, is tricky – how do you measure the monetary return on IT equipment? Try to think about IT asset management in terms of how it supports the business. What can get done right now and not what can get done after the purchase and implementation? Ask these questions:


Does your new hardware allow for more secure transactions?
Does your new software allow for more automation?
Do features of one service give you more future benefits than another?


However, this concept works when all details about the assets and usage are known to your team. Shadow IT, undocumented changes to hardware and software states, unexpected license audits and penalties, and human error cause trouble.


Get On Top Of Your IT License Management Now


Getting on top of your IT license management is critical and necessary to avoid the stress of IT license management audits and crippling penalties. And that’s where I can help. My Pragmatic ITAM Method is a unique solution being adopted by companies and organizations right now. It assists you in your IT Asset Management, IT cost optimization, and IT license management, so you maximize your ROI – without buying more software – in one budget period!


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