ISO 19770 ​



What Is ISO 19770?

ISO 19770 is a framework of ITAM processes that
enables your organization to prove you perform
software asset management to a standard
appropriate to satisfy corporate governance
requirements and ensure effective support for your
IT asset management overall.


My Pragmatic ITAM Method guides your
organization and ITAM teams through obtaining the
tiers required to be in compliance with ISO 19770. It
includes the metrics and reporting you need in order
to prevent backsliding.


Without any further tooling investment on your part.

ISO 19770

Achieve All Three ISO 19770 Tiers

In 2017 a significant change was made to the
requirements in ISO 19770. It specifically altered the
maturity model guidance for organizations
implementing ITAM and SAM systems.


The model describes 3 tiers to achieve ISO 19970:
1. Trustworthy Data
2. Asset Lifecycle
3. Optimization


The Pragmatic ITAM Method helps you obtain all three
tiers in the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way.


So you can get back to delivering IT services to your
organization. Interested?


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ISO 19770


The International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO, is an independent, non-governmental international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s where experts share their knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards. These standards help to support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.


ISO 19770, for example, is the standard for terms and definitions around software rights and software licenses. It was developed to make it easier for IT directors and ITAM leads to optimize their budgets and minimize the risk of software license audits and penalties.


While the ISO covers standardization around software and licenses, it does not cover electrical and electronic engineering standards. These are the responsibility of another organization, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).


Like the ISO, the IEC is also a global, not-for-profit membership organization whose members hail from more than 170 countries. What makes it different from the ISO is that the focus is on electrical and electronic goods standards. The IEC standards enable companies to buy and sell electronic products that are safe and reliable.


The ISO and the IEC work together to create standards for the technology industry. ISO 19770 is often referred to as ISO/IEC 19770.


The Move From ISO 19770 3


ISO/IEC 19770 3 was the standard until 2017, when the ISO/IEC made changes that moved it from a five-tier model to a three-tier model. Therefore, ISO/IEC 19770 3 has been replaced.


What You Can Do To Be In Compliance With ISO 19770


If your IT or ITAM department wants to comply with international standards or move from ISO 19770 3 to the more current framework, my Pragmatic ITAM Method will help. It saves you time and enables you to optimize your budget – at the same time – you can make the positive changes you need without buying more software and using your existing team.


The Pragmatic ITAM Method is the outcome of 20 years of research and testing with entities such as manufacturers, large healthcare providers, banks, and service organizations. What makes the Pragmatic ITAM Method so effective is this – throughout the process, I work shoulder-to-shoulder with your existing team, coaching and teaching them the invaluable tricks of the trade and best practices I’ve acquired over my years as a process transformation expert.


Want to learn more about how the Pragmatic ITAM Method can help your IT or ITAM teams comply with ISO 19770 standards? Click here or schedule a call with me. I look forward to speaking with you.

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